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Meet Our Mascot, Sprocket

Sprocket’s goal is to make sure you always have a smile on your face. He embodies everything great about IRIS and the gearheads who call it home.

Sprocket’s always looking for a better way to do something. He likes to ask the “Why" questions. Not in an annoying, “Leave me alone kid” kind of way, but in a way that gets to the root of a problem. It's this inquisitive nature that drives everyone at IRIS. We love providing solutions you need. But we always dig deeper to find even more and better ways to help you accomplish your long-term goals.

Sprocket’s a little quirky, too. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and neither do we. We like to make time for some fun – from yoga and ping pong in the office hallways, to a cutthroat game of Whirly Ball.

Give us a call to learn more about Sprocket and how he can help you create a technology solution that works. Sprocket says you might have some fun, too!