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Core features of Channel Partner Program Inititive


Users can easily navigate all support items.


You can see and manage the entire vendor support network in a single interface.


You have complete visibility of all transactions and communications at all times.


You can manage permissions for how funds are used and which products and vendors are avialalbe to each user.

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Channel Partner Program Inititive

GearBox® helps you build the support network you need with an intuitive interface to connect all aspects – from making the order to fulfilling it.

Your channel partners can log in to a single interface to see all products from all vendors. The system brings vendors, product, co-op management, order tracking and analytics into a single, robust environment.

The system also gives vendors multiple ways to engage users. They can post messages about product availability and have active dialogues about product quotes and pricing.

Meanwhile, you can pull real-time reports on all aspects of the portal, so you can make decisions based on current user activities. With this level of transparency, everyone engaged with GearBox® can better manage ROI and ensure the right support is in the right hands every time.

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