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Core features of Brand Management


Users can build brand-compliant brochures, postcards, email templates and more using a simple question-and-answer environment.


Converge allows you to use custom layouts, color themes, font choices and more.


It can integrate with user-driven image libraries, direct mail lists, logo/image uploads, asset integrations and others.

Project Oriented

Users can save current projects to edit later and make fast updates, quickly and easily customizing the output.

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Brand Management

The Converge designer customization engine in GearBox® goes well beyond a traditional ad builder. Like everything else in GearBox®, it’s first job is to give you a better business solution. We developed it not only to drive print business but to give you a complete local marketing solution that adapts to your needs. You can create any marketing piece you want — from customized emails and web banners to flyers, Facebook ads, brochures and postcards with integrated list rental solutions — all while ensuring users follow your brand standards.

Converge is a proprietary solution designed with a database-driven rendering engine that’s different from others. It can do more to customize materials, while holding fast to your brand standards. It also can instantly broadcast changes to a large group of templates and support a variety of functions.

Converge supports integrated image libraries, user-generated asset uploads, variable layouts, user- or regional-based customization options and more.

Converge is ultimately where GLOBAL meets LOCAL.

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