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Core features of Coupon Builder


Users can customize all aspects of coupons based on approved templates.


You can lock down specific coupon variables to align with national campaigns.


Converge can automatically adjust coupon layouts based on user-driven criteria.


Users can create libraries of coupons to select from or customize, while you keep complete visibility.

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Coupon Builder

Converge allows unique opportunities to create/manage the coupon offering utilized in local marketing campaigns. Users can design custom coupons from scratch or select from libraries of coupons. These libraries can be controlled down to the specific User - allowing Corporate to manage what offers are supported at a national, regional or local level.

The processing power of Converge allows for Coupons to automatically alter based on the content selected as part of the customization process. This level of granular control provides Corporate personnel the ultimate flexibility on what options are available during customization depending on what products are supported.

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