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Core features of Media Libraries


You can assign media libraries to specific templates and let users manage their own uploaded content.

Permission Driven

Control user permissions to give the right assets to the right users.


Organize images and other resources into categories so users can easily find what they need.


Link media to other libraries within and outside GearBox®, allowing for easy asset management at the corporate level.

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Media Libraries

You just can’t get our brand of asset management from other DAM systems.

Our resource library is highly permission based; you can modify access at any time based on each user’s login credentials.

  • You can control the types of assets each user accesses and even manage whether a user can view, download or delete each asset.
  • Converge also changes the asset’s resolution on the fly, so users have the right file size and type.
  • You can let users upload assets in the system, too – broadcasting local assets to a national audience with a click of the button – after you’ve approved, of course!
  • Multiple file types are not a problem. GearBox® supports almost every file type, including .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .xls, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, movie files, audio files and even ZIP documents.
  • It lets you make sure the right files are accessible to the right people, regardless of type or size.
  • The filtered search helps users navigate libraries easily, whether they have 10 items or 10,000.

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