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Core features of Asset Management


Combine all of your available resources into a single, intuitive environment for file download or use in the Online Designer.


Control user permissions to give the right assets to the right users.

File Types

Asset Manager lets you and your users upload almost any file type.

Upload Option

Users can also be allowed to upload their own content for mass distribution.

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Asset Management

GearBox® takes corporate asset management up a level. While other systems take a blanket approach, GearBox® is customizable. It lets you control which assets each user can see. You can create a unique library view for each individual user or user group.

  • Let users upload assets in the system – broadcasting local assets to a national audience with a click of the button – after you’ve approved, of course!
  • Multiple file types? Not a problem. GearBox supports almost every file type. It lets you make sure the righ files are accessible to the right people, regardless of type or size.
  • The built-in ConvergeTM designer makes sure the most current files are in play when users need to customize them for their local markets.

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