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Core features of Integrated Co-Op/MDF


The integrated co-op solution is extremely flexible to handle your specific environment.

Fund Management

Control how funds interact wth each other and what activities require approval.

Budget Controls

Manage how users are spending your money and automatically accrue for upcoming budget needs.


Customize the way you allocate – using rolling expirations, FIFO protocols and more.

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Integrated Co-Op/MDF

Managing More Than Budgets — GearBox® has an integrated co-op, MDF and incentives management system that supports advertising and marketing programs at all levels. You can assign co-op funds to specific product types and allocate them by user or group. You can even change the structure instantly to control how users apply their funds and how funds interact when they’re depleted.

Funding Flexibility — Users can have their funds roll to a credit card, ACH payment or PayPal. And reporting tools give you an immediate snapshot of the overall co-op liability and feedback on participation. Now your accounting department can accrue for outstanding liabilities, and department heads can project fund use and potential outages.

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