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Core features of Integrated Hierarchies


GearBox® can easily mirror your corporate approval structures to streamline approvals and visibility.


You can use the integrated hierarchy for user approvals, product approvals and more.


You can change the hierarchies in real time to reflect structure and personnel changes.


You can allow users to cross the established hierarchy when they need visibility into another group’s reporting structure.

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Integrated Hierarchies

GearBox® can integrate the hierarchy of your organization, mirroring your corporate structure.

  • Send order approvals, customized item approvals, low-funds notices and other user request through the existing lines of management.
  • The system is transparent, so everyone can see where a request stands within their assigned hierarchy.
  • It’s flexible, too, so you can allow users to see requests outside their hierarchy. Local sales people can see and support national accounts, for example, even if those accounts are outside their reporting structure.

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