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Core features of Kit Creation


Users can easily add/remove components from their kits while the system tracks associated costs.


GearBox® allows for a multitude of kit-building options to address specific needs.


All customizable areas can be addressed at the same time a kit is built with online rendering/customization confirmation.


Corporate can easily create rules to helps Users in the kit assembly process.

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Kit Creation

The way GearBox® integrates your marketing logistics system also applies to custom kit solutions. It lets you create marketing kits that extend with multiple substrates and applications to support activities like new store openings and POS requirements.

With the intuitive interface, users can customize their kits based on local requirements or location size. And pricing can vary based on the elements chosen. Users can select from multiple elements and multiple vendors – making the whole process quick and easy.

This approach lets you manage vendors and inventory for each kit component. So you can construct the exact solution your channel partners need AND stay in control of procurement and brand management.

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