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Core features of Offline Reimbursement Management


You have complete visibility into reimbursement requests and their approval status.


Users can request reimbursement quickly and easily.


Approvers can quickly see all uploaded proofs of performance to expedite the approval process.


Even complex Grant of Authority environments can be easily managed with GearBox®'s online Reimbursement tools.

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Offline Reimbursement Management

Most marketing logistics systems let you manage online co-op and marketing spending. But what about offline spending? Can your system manage everything from simple advertising placement to billboards, trade shows and customer events?

GearBox® can. Users can fill out a customizable online form — even upload proofs of performance-supporting documentation like invoices, flyers and photos from the event.

Thanks to its hierarchical reporting structure, GearBox® makes approvals easy and quick. You can follow an established reporting structure or flag specific users for approval. You can even document and monitor Grants of Authority (GOAs) to ensure that the right people are seeing requests based on your criteria.

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