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Core features of Procurement / Vendor Management


Easily engage one - 100 Vendors in a single site.


Automate your vendors’ order receiving process.


Report on all Vendor benchmarks such as average delivery times and return percentages.


Easily manage which users see which vendors.

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Procurement / Vendor Management

The GearBox® procure-to-pay environment lets you control all aspects of your vendors and your users’ interactions with them. Plus, it’s vendor agnostic, so you can choose providers to meet local, regional, national and international needs for logistics and pricing, while you keep complete control over the end product.

One site for users — Users can say bye to wrangling with multiple websites, logins and passwords to get their gear ordered. They can hop on a single portal to access all the vendors, products and messaging alternatives you’ve approved.

Regional flexibility — Choose the vendors you want. Then control what products and vendors users can see. You can create support networks and tiered pricing/vendor support based on your specific needs and those of your regional users.

Detailed analytics — On top of it all sits a suite of analytics with complete and instant transparency into all vendor activities. Now you can manage your vendor network looking at performance levels, ROI, rebates, order statuses and more.

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