Marketing. It’s just advertising, social media, printed flyers and occasionally throw in an email campaign or tradeshow and you’re good, right?

If you’re a marketer you know that the role of marketing has become far more complex. You need to think about data, websites, engagement, SEO, SEM, automation, personalization, email, social media, programmatic advertising, A/B testing, affiliate and through-channel marketing, and eCommerce. Did we mention content? Blogs, case studies, whitepapers, video, podcasts, webinars and the list goes on. Suddenly the 168 hours you have in a week don’t seem like enough.

The good news is that while marketing continues to progress, the technology you need to support your marketing strategies continues to advance too. Some call the group of technologies that marketers use to execute, analyze and improve their marketing a “martech stack.” However, with so many different marketing technologies, tools and programs available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and inefficient. This is where the IRIS platform can help.

First, let’s consider some facts.

As marketers, you’re tasked with strategically implementing and deploying the necessary technologies in a way that produces significant results. According to a MarTech Stack Optimization Survey conducted by Ascend2  in February of 2020, marketers shared the following:

Their (your)  Top 3 Key Priorities for marketing technology:

  1. Improving marketing efficiency 55%
  2. Improving the customer experience 51%
  3. Increasing marketing ROI 45%

The Top 3 Capability Improvements* marketing technology should optimize:

  1. East of use and greater utilization by the team 52%
  2. Integration with other technologies 38%
  3. Ability to customize to specific needs 37%

*with runner’s up being the ability to automate and improve the customer experience

The Top 3 Most Important Features* of your marketing technology:

  1. Data insights and analysis 51%
  2. Systems Integration 46%
  3. Real-time processing 40%

*with data centralization, scalability/flexibility and a multi-channel experience close behind

Next, the good news.

IRIS – with our Gearbox platform – has got you covered. We can deliver on these priorities, capabilities and features. This means you can consolidate and unify your technology to become far more efficient, informed and effective.

Did you know that with Iris you can (& do) have…

  • An interactive, integrated marketing calendar
    • Coordinated national initiatives with local campaigns for maximize ROI
    • Complete visibility with automated notifications
    • Structured to manage and monitor campaigns, assets, communications and visibility


  • A vendor management system
    • Completely vendor agnostic – manage and communicate with all your vendors in a single, automated environment (each with their own portal)
    • Full visibility to vendor activities, process times and service levels


  • A robust analytics tool
    • Real-time data retrieval
    • Completely interactive channel partner dashboards
    • Integrated with internal POS systems
    • Trend analysis reporting


  • A content management system that helps support and protect your brand
    • Customizable resource library
    • Connected to the appropriate users with the content they need to amplify your story
    • Real-time management and control of assets that enables the right messages to the right users


  • A channel management tool that efficiently equips and enables your partners
    • Access to everything required to execute a national to local campaign
    • Fully integrated tool that manages all aspects of co-op and MDF fund
    • Instant ROI tracking and real-time measurement of marketing spend at every level
    • Automated sales tax management that ensures compliance

 In summary, technology that empowers you to be an effective marketer doesn’t have to mean disparate systems. A single platform that brings efficiency and intelligence can also be simple to use and have the flexibility to grow with you. For more than 20 years, our team at IRIS has been supporting clients across a variety of industries – manufacturers, franchisors, restaurants, distributors and more. Let’s talk about how we can help your team optimize its marketing.