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Real Examples of How IRIS Helps to Simplify Your Systems and Empower Your Plans

For more than 20 years, IRIS has been delivering enterprise-level through-channel marketing automation that is comprehensive, flexible and scalable. Across a wide range of industries, leading companies trust us to help them seamlessly execute fully integrated programs to and through their channel partners.

Here, you’ll see how our clients have relied on our GearBox® platform to provide a single sign-on, customized solution that enables marketing, finance, procurement, sales and training to be integrated for maximum efficiency and transparency.

Applebee’s Restaurant Group

Applebee’s needed a way to effectively manage a very complex Menu
Support environment. Other challenges included Multiple Vendors – each with varying degrees of technological capabilities, Franchisees that needed to know when their Menus were going to arrive to ensure alignment with national marketing campaigns and brand standards/print quality that had to be maintained.

IRIS deployed GearBox® to bring order to what felt like chaos.

Download the Restaurant Case Study

Fitness Franchisor

Our fitness franchise client needed an effective solution that would allow them to manage their explosive growth.

The IRIS GearBox® is the ultimate, customizable marketing logistics platform – bringing all your marketing resources and suppliers together. GearBox® was engaged to connect their network of thousands of individual franchise locations to a single, online interface. They needed to support a complex system of vendors, handle nationwide sales tax requirements and make it easy for franchisees to engage in global marketing efforts at a local level.

Download the Franchise Case Study

Check out how the IRIS GearBox®  platform helps companies grow their business and solve complex challenges.

Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem Windows was experiencing explosive growth and with that comes the usual opportunities to more effectively manage the ever growing channel sales and marketing environments while at the same time identifying opportunities to streamline initiatives among the many different brands that make up the Ply Gem family.

They needed a single, scalable solution to effectively manage multiple brands, thousands of distributors and a national network of Sales Reps, along with managing co-op, brand assets and numerous vendors.

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