Automation that Works for Your Industry Vertical

At IRIS, our GearBox® technology powers businesses across a mix of markets. Whatever your niche might be, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help to integrate and drive your procurement, finance, logistics and marketing functions…all on a single platform.


Launch and sustain channel partnerships and programs that create value using a platform that is flexible and efficient. We can help you effectively manage your marketing spend to maximize ROI. 

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Streamline dealership co-op and MDF programs and provide a straightforward, consistent experience. Easily broadcast new campaigns and allow for build-your-own coupons to align with local opportunities.

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Enable your national brand to grow and thrive by making local community connections. Create a one-stop shop for everything your franchisees need to succeed while maintaining brand and messaging guidelines. 

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Insurance/Financial Services

Increase awareness, cultivate trust and drive local results through authorized and approved marketing outreach. Maintain complete visibility of all downstream activities to ensure brand consistency. 

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Simplify communications and equip multiple sites to execute updates and create promotions that help increase traffic and drive local sales. Tailor national initiatives to match local needs with fully integrated, customized menus.

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Real Estate

Make it easy for local brokers to leverage your brand equity to generate buying and selling opportunities. Equip agents to easily build multi-touch campaigns with trackable results. 

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