Franchise Organizations

Empower your franchisees to leverage the strength of your trusted brand and grow a thriving business within their community.

Franchise owners enjoy the benefits of a strong, familiar brand. Yet, as entrepreneurs who wear many hats, they need real-world support to successfully operate and market their business.

You can be an organization that’s built on confident franchisees.

The IRIS GearBox® platform makes it possible for franchisors, like you, to equip multiple locations with the tools and resources they need to easily and consistently market their local business, train staff and track results. Top fitness, restaurant and retail franchises utilize GearBox®.

Streamlined Franchise Support

You need a way to provide your network of franchisees with 24-7 access to the marketing assets they want – and need – to promote their business locally. IRIS is here to help with a solution that allows you to update assets quickly, deploy and manage campaigns and enforce brand standards.

GearBox® is the ultimate, customizable marketing logistics platform – bringing all your marketing resources and suppliers together. GearBox® provides a one-stop shop that is simple for you to manage internally and easy to access by end users.

Local Success Powers Enterprise Growth

Franchisees are most successful when their franchisor provides a structured framework, designed to take the guesswork out of the operation. By supplying your franchise owners with a platform that includes a complete local marketing solution, and delivers training and operational support, you’re setting everyone up for success and future growth.

Generate Attention and Track Results

Franchisees need to be visible within their community – and in today’s world that means deploying integrated campaigns that include the latest online strategies as well as old-school physical signage. By utilizing the IRIS GearBox® platform, you can give them access to all the tools they need to build their business and expand your brand impression. They’ll even be able to monitor and track the metrics, so they can market smart.

Franchisors Utilize the IRIS GearBox® Through-Channel Platform for these Essential Functions

Brand Management


Make it easy to guarantee brand consistency across all messaging and by every partner

Digital Asset Management

Permissioned use of assets for campaigns and programs that look great and get results

Co-op, MDF & Rebate Management

Seamlessly manage and link marketing funds and campaigns


Integrated Marketing Calendar

Real time visibility to your national and local programs and campaigns in one snapshot

Digital Marketing Deployment

Enable online lead generation and nurturing through social media, email marketing and web pages

Promotional Product Fulfillment

Deploy classic local marketing strategies that put your brand in the hands of customers and end users

Data Insights & Analytics

Track and measure ROI and marketing outcomes to inform future strategies and investments

Local Marketing Execution

Co-branded marketing materials that align your brand with your franchisees’ local presence

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