Insurance & Financial Services

Help your brokers, advisors and agents compete by using the IRIS GearBox® marketing automation platform.

Insurance agents, brokers and financial advisors need to stand out in a highly competitive market.

You’re tasked to execute creative, modern marketing campaigns while also focusing on conventional one-to-one relationships with clients and prospects.

The IRIS GearBox®​ platform makes it possible for insurance and financial services companies to equip their local professionals to leverage your brand and grow their practice, all while navigating compliance and legal regulations.

Generate Local Leads with Marketing that Complies with Brand Standards and Legal Regulation

Marketing in your industry is strongly regulated. You require that your local office promotions are both brand and legal compliant.

Our IRIS GearBox®technology was designed to enable you to confidently customize your marketing programs, so local campaigns are both compliant and effective – leading to more clients.

With GearBox® you can simplify your marketing operations and

  • Establish user hierarchies
  • Set approval rules
  • Implement a self-serve marketing asset portal
  • Guarantee brand & legal compliance
  • Reduce one-off requests

Our platform will help to ensure that market-by-market, each office is executing highly effective campaigns that are also compliant.

GearBox® is simple to manage and customize, and easy to use for your extended team.

Track and Measure Results Real-Time

​Consumers carefully consider decisions related to their long-term finances and well-being. The conversion cycle can be a long one. In order to forecast and understand trends, lead generation and measurement of marketing programs are essential.

With GearBox® you’ll enjoy detailed reporting at every level – both corporate and local. By tracking all lead sources, you’ll have visibility to marketing activities and be prepared to make informed decisions about which programs to continue or repeat, and which need tweaking.

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Insurance and Financial Industry Experts Count on the IRIS GearBox® Through-Channel Platform to Get the Job Done.

Digital Asset Management

Permissioned use of assets for campaigns and programs that look great and get results 

Digital Marketing Deployment

Enable online lead generation and nurturing through social media, email marketing and web pages

Local Marketing Execution

Co-branded marketing materials that align and leverage your product and your agents’ local presence

Brand Management

Make it easy to guarantee brand consistency across all messaging and by every partner

Data Insights & Analytics

Track and measure ROI and marketing outcomes to inform future strategies and investments

Integrated Marketing Calendar

Real time visibility to your national and local programs and campaigns in one snapshot

Promotional Product Fulfillment

Deploy classic local marketing strategies that put your brand in the hands of customers and end users

Co-op, MDF & Rebate Management

Seamlessly manage and link marketing funds and campaigns

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