Boost your brand in local markets and manage multiple locations from a single platform

The restaurant industry is fast-paced and competitive. Local owners or managers need effective marketing to help increase traffic and establish a strong reputation within their communities. 

At IRIS, our platform improves your speed-to-market and enables you to confidently deploy your brand consistently. You can empower each location with the tools they need to reach their patrons – all while maintaining brand compliance.  

You can also easily deploy seasonal menus, update pricing and energize each location with data-driven menu updates that offer the options people are ordering most.

Create On-Brand Customized Menus

The IRIS Converge™ menu designer simplifies menu creation. With our intuitive platform, you control every branding element within the development process, including required fields, automated content, image selection and other variables to ensure user-generated menus align with regional and national initiatives.

Converge™ makes it easy for users to track what others within your network are doing in order to confirm price alignment. They’ll have access to customizable template options and be able to modify the layout for a perfect design.

Thanks to IRIS, you can quickly implement a change for one menu or across a set of menus. When you’re done making updates, our campaign-style checkout tool makes it possible to distribute your updates to every restaurant location at once.

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Restaurant Chains Count on IRIS to Help Them Effectively Empower Owners to Reach Their Local Market

Brand Management

Make it easy to guarantee brand consistency across all messaging and by every partner

Integrated Marketing Calendar

Real time visibility to your national and local campaigns in one snapshot

Digital Asset Management

Permissioned use of assets for campaigns and programs that look great and get results

Data Insights & Analytics

Track and measure ROI and results to inform future strategies and investments

Real-Time Information Integration

Easily integrate with applications or solutions like Adobe DAM, BDX feeds and others

Digital Marketing Campaign Deployment

Generate online interest and nurture through social media, email marketing and web pages

Coupon Builder


Converge ™ lets you create custom coupon libraries with complete corporate control of options offered and ROI reporting

Local Marketing Execution

Co-branded marketing materials that align and leverage your product and your partners’ local presence

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