Integrated, Customized and Results-Oriented Automation

IRIS is an optimized enterprise operations platform that enables marketing, sales, finance and procurement teams to seamlessly manage multiple campaigns and partnerships real-time, delivering program consistency, structured processes and comprehensive reporting.

B2B Marketplace

GearBox® is the ultimate, customizable marketing logistics platform – bringing all your marketing resources and suppliers together.

Global to Local Marketing

Converge™ makes it easy to manage every detail of your large-scale marketing campaigns from national launch to local implementation.

Channel Partner Support

This collaborative system – powered by GearBox® – connects vendors, products, co-op, order tracking and analytics; automating all aspects of your Channel Partner engagements.

Trusted in Your Industry

IRIS delivers results to leading brands across a variety of B2B and B2C verticals.


Franchise Retail




Real Estate

Resources You Can Use

Articles, case stories and other updates that educate, instigate and inspire.

Thought Leadership

Our In-Focus blog delivers tips, insights and support to help simplify your marketing operations.

Case Studies

Check out these in-depth stories that show how IRIS helps clients to maximize their programs and operate efficiently.

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