Global-to-Local Marketing

Confident Brand Management

At IRIS, our through-channel marketing automation platform allows you to create scalable marketing campaigns and ensure that each maintains a consistent brand look and message. Our proprietary Converge™ tool adapts to your requirements and delivers a solution that equips and empowers your partners – wherever they might be located – to create approved marketing pieces and promotions.

Create any marketing piece from traditional brochures and flyers to the latest digital promotional tools and have confidence that your brand standards will stay intact.

With IRIS Converge™ you can rest assured that your approved global assets are instantly available to the people who need them most.

Asset Management, Made-to-Order

With Converge™ from IRIS, you’ll have a robust digital asset management system that can be tailored to your business needs.

Our resource library is highly permission based; therefore, you can specify who has access at any time based on each user’s login credentials.

  • You can control the types of assets each user accesses and manage whether a user can view, download or delete an asset.
  • Converge™ is programmed to change the resolution of any file size in real-time, so users have the right file size and type.
  • Users can be permitted to upload assets in the system. This is ideal for file sharing and approvals.
  • GearBox® supports nearly all file types, including .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .xls, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, mov files, audio files and ZIP documents.
  • It allows you to confirm which files are accessible to the appropriate people, regardless of position or size.

A filtered search helps users navigate libraries easily, whether they have 10 items or 10,000.

One-Stop-Shop to Empower Your Marketing

Converge™ enables you to organize, customize and distribute marketing assets and other collateral directly to the people who need it, when they need it. The platform also allows users to efficiently merge and integrate with related solutions such a direct mail lists, CRM, etc.

Brand Management Tools

Asset Management

Create a unique library for each unique user group. Control which assets users can see and deploy.


Converge™ Local Customization and Menu Creation

Take the hassle out of managing local menu engineering while creating real-time access to usage projections, cycle reviews and mass file uploads. Adhere to brand standards while allowing local customization of national templates.

Insights & Analytics

Real-time tracking of all system activities to help you make informed, confident business decisions


Converge™ Coupon Builder

Create custom coupon libraries with complete corporate control of options offered and ROI reporting

Converge™ Real-Time Information Integration

Easily integrate with other internal applications such as Adobe DAM, BDX feeds and others

Collateral Fulfillment

Coordinate multiple components and vendors, and deliver a streamlined user experience

With GearBox® you can make
large-scale, brand compliant changes in real-time.

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