Today’s marketing teams are the ultimate multitaskers. And, according to several surveys, you spend at least one third (1/3) to half of your time on administrative tasks.

Your successful collaboration with other functional departments — responding to their requests or satisfying their requirements — can be a “tall order” and time-consuming.

Aside from contributing creative genius, your role in the cross-functional team typically involves:

  • Sales support and enablement. Equipping the field team with the information, content, and tools that help them to sell more effectively and consistently reinforce the brand strength and value.  
  • Financial reconciliation, reporting and accountability. Partnering with accounting on real-time financial management such as gaining budget approvals, forecasting, monitoring spend status, reimbursement tracking and reporting. This list is long.
  • Vendor management. You rely on a broad mix of outside partners to generate and deliver products and services on-time, on-budget and with accuracy.
  • Executive communication. Managing up is a top priority. Internal marketing and merchandising of activities and results to leadership, matters. Doing so keeps them informed and instills confidence that we are prioritizing growth. 

In other words, you’re positioned squarely at the center of your company’s activities and processes; and your colleagues are relying on you for efficiency and responsiveness.

Consider investing in an automation platform. Doing so will empower your marketing team and equip your cross-functional partners — sales, procurement and finance — to, in real-time, track campaign results, monitor spending, update branded tools, support channel partners, manage events, and the list goes on.

Choosing a centralized tool like GearBox® can help streamline operations — bring order, accountability and clarity to your list of administrative to-dos and give you more time to spend on marketing strategy, communications and brand development.

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