According to Gartner’s Marketing Organization Survey 2020, functional, centralized and agile marketing organizations are the most common team structures. Across industries, two-thirds (66%) of marketing leaders reported that their organizations are now centralized and nearly half (49%) are shared service teams.

Why? There’s a growing push to scale efficiency, leverage capabilities and control spend.

Add to this, that one-third (1/3) of the marketing work that had been done by an outside agency, has shifted back to in-house teams as a result of unexpected changes in the 2020 economy (brought on by the pandemic) and we’re seeing a greater level of priority being given to technology. Fully utilizing marketing automation can be a game changer;  after all, automating administrative tasks will allow you, as a marketer, time to focus on the essential work of developing and deploying engaging programs and promotions, creating assets, researching new channels and attracting and interacting with prospects. 

While marketing automation can mean a lot of different things to different people, at IRIS, we deliver complete through-channel marketing automation – a single platform (GearBox®) that

  • integrates processes, goals and metrics
  • protects and ensures brand consistency, and
  • enables marketers to scale their marketing program execution and customer engagement to and through local channel partners.

We do this because we understand that you need a strategic partner to help you multitask and broaden your reach. As you know, marketing is no longer simple as just B2B or B2C; today it’s essential for national brands to empower and influence regional promotions. And of course, you also need to measure results in order to drive your future decisions.

So, here’s the functional resources you should expect from a through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform partner (Heads-up! It’s important to note that some TCMA platforms only offer a few of these, but you need them all!):

  • Funds/budgeting: management of budgets, allocations submissions and approvals (co-op and MDF)
  • Campaign management: complete access to and distribution of co-branded marketing and communications campaigns of all shapes and sizes – including permissions and approval workflow
  • Digital syndication: automated publishing capabilities including email content, web updates, social media posts, landing pages and microsites, CTA buttons, etc. and the ability to publish
  • Asset management: organization and access to digital and physical marketing assets that are automated and branded
  • Interactive Marketing Calendar: coordination and scheduling of events and programs; and, a real-time comprehensive view of all marketing activities
  • Process management: automated campaign capabilities and multi-user workflows with customizable conditions, triggers, alerts and approvals
  • Business intelligence: tracking of partners’ marketing activities, reporting on campaign results and partner participation and performance tracking
  • Seamless integration: easily connects and assimilates with existing service providers, vendors partners and financial systems
  • User-friendly: simple to use and navigate from anywhere and any device, with as-needed on-call service and support

If you’re not already using (and taking full advantage of) through-channel marketing automation, it’s time to get started and set your team up for a productive 2021. We’d love to help. To schedule a demo contact us at or 913-749.4100.