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Can you manage your entire marketing environment with one easy-to-use tool?
IRIS is a leading supplier of local marketing automation, integrated co-op fund management solutions and management of both physical and digital marketing assets. IRIS provides a powerful suite of marketing and operational tools, via GearBox™, designed to help companies gain insights and improve their overall marketing and business performance.
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IRIS believes that while goals change over time, the ability to effectively provide industry-leading solutions must be a constant. Our holistic, vendor neutral approach combined with leading edge technology provides impactful results to our clients.
Iris scours its universe of thousands of vendors to provide unbiased recommendations. Iris is the only vendor of its kind, providing one-stop shop to thousands of print, promo, and product vendors. There is no steering business to our plants. We don’t have any. No agenda. Only what is best for the client, every time.
As a one-stop marketing support partner we work with marketing departments and/or ad agencies to provide solutions to improve campaign execution efficiency.
In Technology, through our proprietary, innovative solutions we are constantly evolving to address our customers’ needs. Our comprehensive Marketing Logistics Platform, GearBox™ is offered ala cart with individual modules to address specific needs or in industry specific configurations. GearBox™ is hosted in the Cloud so there are none of the hassles of onsite installation and maintenance for the client.
GearBox™ provides everything from simple click/ship marketing online solutions to hierarchical, co-op based online stores supported by multiple vendors within a fully integrated site. Other modules provide unsurpassed marketing automation capability, e-Dam, business intelligence, enterprise procurement, industry leading ad builder, reimbursement management, rebate management and international solutions.
This combined with completely customizable, automated reporting allows our clients to maintain complete visibility of the end users’ activities, monitor campaign results, as well as measure vendors’ performance and response times.
Iris also offers fully customized solutions to clients.
In Promotional Products: Iris is known for proactively providing creative solutions that support the clients’ brand objectives well beyond the run of the mill, “me too” promotional products. We offer buying power and diversity through our access to over 35,000 vendors. We also have our own, direct buying team in China for any Asian sourcing needs. This gives us direct access to the manufacturer, independent quality assurance inspections, logistics support and substantially less overhead than utilizing third party relationships. Let Iris help your brand stand out in the crowd.
In Print: Iris’s finds its origin in the print business and thus understands the complexities of processes and what is needed for a quality end product. Iris’s independent relationship with multiple vendors provides access to all formats, large, small, offset and more. This allows us to continually assess which vendors are performing, who has capacity, and who might have the best technology for a specific project need. Through Iris, clients are provided unbiased vendor consolidation.
In Fulfilment: Many companies find that warehousing, shipping and handling of print and promotional items to be disruptive and inefficient to their core business. Iris provides full service fulfilment programs through strategically located, freight-friendly distribution centers.
In Sourcing: Iris has access to thousands of suppliers all around the world encompassing nearly any type of product. Our staff includes print, promo, marketing, manufacturing and technology experts giving us valuable insight into potential cost reductions, substitutes and innovations. Many of our programs involve large volume purchases or highly sophisticated sourcing needs. Our direct buying staff in China allows us to by-pass the typical third party relationships most suppliers offer and gives us the ability to work directly with the factories. We provide independent quality assurance checks and facilitate the complicated logistics of importing directly from Asia.
During our founder’s career in the print and promotion business, he routinely ran into situations where companies struggled with the execution of campaigns and promotional strategies. Convinced there was a solution, he assembled a team of experts in technology, advertising, print, and promotions to tackle the challenge.
Our team noticed that the challenge of fluid campaign execution was compounded by the common difficulty of measuring the true results of the campaigns and ROI. With that in mind, IRIS' technology focused on the principle that business investments have to be quantifiable. We quickly realized how the use of technology could streamline, automate and dramatically improve key aspects of a campaign’s execution as well as accurately measure the returns. Thus, GearBox™ was born.
As the solution developed, the team realized the need to effectively manage marketing budgets in a real-time environment as well as incorporating multiple vendors giving unique, vendor-agnostic solutions users can establish as many vendors as desired in any category, SKU, department or division. Capturing meaningful measurements around all activities would provide clients the ability to truly know the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
Now a leading supplier of local marketing automation, integrated co-op fund management solutions and management of both physical and digital marketing assets, IRIS provides a powerful suite of marketing tools designed to help companies gain insights and improve their overall marketing performance.
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Our goal is to be your strategic partner. Working as an extension of your internal marketing department or in conjunction with your agency, we provide a level of integration and visibility that allows you to know what you don’t know.
Our mission is to provide solutions that effectively engage the end user in an array of environments including franchise, distribution, channel partner, and large national sales forces. Let us help you address your tactical needs — allowing you to spend more time on strategic goals and long-term initiatives.
GearBox™ incorporates an industry-leading online suite of solutions with comprehensive logistical support that allows you to enjoy a one-stop-shop approach. We believe strongly in being accountable to our clients. Our ability to provide all your marketing support needs not only creates accountability at the highest level, but allows for faster turn times and easier implementation of marketing programs. IRIS will be your partner from beginning to end.
IRIS works closely with agencies and marketing departments providing the tools and support to better utilize these key resources.
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Save time, money and resources. GearBox™'s integrated co-op management tools makes measuring spend and campaign performance easy by rolling up metrics on allocations and participation rates in real time.
  • Co-op/MDF
  • AD Builder
  • e-DAM
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Rebate Management
  • Local to Global Campaign Management
  • Enterprise Procurement / Inventory Management
  • B2B e-Commerce
  • Communication Portals
  • Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • International Solutions
  • Enterprise Level PRM Platform (extracts additional value from CRM data)
  • Intuitive Online Solutions (MAM, DAM, Co-op, Rebate, Procurement)
  • Integrated Co-op Management
  • Vendor Management Solutions
  • Print Procurement and Fulfillment
  • Domestic and International Promotional Item Sourcing and Fulfillment
  • Warehousing and Distribution
Marketing and markets are changing at warp speed. Every day we learn of new ways to engage potential customers, identify new channels and deal with new regulations, challenges and competitors. IRIS is designed to help you stay ahead of these changes by automating your marketing activities, reduce the calorie burn and free up your resources so you can focus on your business.
We have spent years developing and upgrading our Marketing Logistics Platform–GearBox™. It combines the simplicity of an online buying experience with a fully functional, real-time co-op reimbursement and marketing asset management system–all of this in a tool that can be accessed 24/7 by anyone with an internet connection.
GearBox™ helps unlock untapped value from your customer relationship management (CRM) database. We combine the newest components of media asset management, digital asset management, and local marketing into one powerful suite. Let us create a turn key solution for your marketing campaigns by bundling printing, promotional item sourcing and fulfillment.
GearBox™ integrates its brilliant proprietary PRM system with your existing CRM efforts to drive the overall brand effort through local customization and execution. It also opens opportunities to leverage CRM data. IRIS is the perfect solution to monetize any underutilized value of CRM.
GearBox™ offers a unique suite of web-based solutions and services designed to easily build and run a multi-channel marketing campaign. GearBox™ enables national brands to dramatically increase speed to market with distributed campaigns while reducing marketing implementation expenses and risk. GearBox™ allows clients to control brand integrity, and immediately increase local sales revenue - making localized marketing on a large scale simple. It is easy to launch an integrated marketing strategy that is consistent with the national brand utilizing GearBox™'s digital asset management tools and budget manager. Our suite of online solutions provides complete visibility into the execution process, local marketing activities and tracked results.
Can you manage multiple partners with the click of a button?
GearBox™ provides a robust, yet flexible approach to drive marketing results. It thrives in complex, geographically diverse environments yet handles common organization realities with ease. Even the most complex ecosystem is not a problem for IRIS’ intelligently integrated capabilities. GearBox™ makes it easy to reach into the extended enterprise and fully leverage CRM data like never before.
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IRIS' online marketing interface portal, GearBox™, provides the ultimate partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing asset management (MAM) system to complement your customer relationships management (CRM) efforts.
Automated localized marketing, digital asset management (DAM), integrated co-op and rebate management, vendor management solutions and comprehensive real-time data feedback are all part of GearBox™. The system is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing business logic providing an easy to use, easy to control, one-to-many PRM approach.
GearBox™ directly interfaces your marketing with your local markets while making it easy to maintain brand control and launch distributed campaigns at the local level. GearBox™ aligns work-flow throughout the value chain to ensure processes and goals are consistent and in sync throughout. The feedback loop is completed through the powerful reporting tools built into the system. Measuring and automating the vendor relationships that support the marketing activities adds more efficiency and cost savings to the process.
E-commerce solutions also include enterprise-level online ordering of physical items such as print and promotional products. Co-op or other marketing funds can be allocated to local affiliates and display running account balances. Rebates and other incentive programs can be easily integrated into this tool.
  • PRM/MAM/DAM combined = MLP (Marketing Logistics Platform)
  • Adapts to existing user environment (or seamlessly integrates into existing business logic)
  • Automated Localized Marketing (made simple)
  • Customizable Templates
  • Ad Builder
  • Guided Execution
  • Integrated, Dynamic Asset Libraries
  • ROI Measurement
  • Hierarchical Limited Access
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Corporate Logos / Assets
  • Sales Initiatives / Communication
  • Multiple file types accepted including: Powerpoint, JPEG, TIF, ZIP, etc...
  • Controlled Access Based on Credentials
  • Co-op and rebate management
  • Vendor management
  • Reporting
  • Marketing budget integration with measurements
  • Localized Customization
  • Vendor measurements and flexibility
  • E-commerce solutions (with shopping cart)
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In addition to GearBox™ technology, IRIS is a leading provider of promotional products and fulfilment. Promotional items are great ways to keep your name in front of prospects. They also make nice thank-you’s for customers and employees. Whatever ad specialty or premium item you have in mind, we can make it happen.
Need some inspiration?
We have plenty of ideas on how to achieve your promotional goals. Here are just a few customized solutions we’ve recently provided:
  • Apparel (hats, shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.)
  • Digital photo frames
  • Custom plush animals
  • Bobbleheads
  • Flash drives
  • Padfolios, leather portfolios, binders, accordian files
  • Drinkware & thermos-products
  • Pens (give-away and executive options)
  • Balloons
  • Lapel pins
  • Gift bags & tissue paper
  • Uniforms
  • Hottest new items
Our ASI certification gives us access to factory-direct pricing from more than 35,000 manufacturers. In order to guarantee quality control, we maintain an office in China for custom import items. On-site representatives oversee your order and handle all duties, customs, and freight forwarding. We don’t deal with importers; we are the importer.
Beyond simply providing logo items, we act as your partner to execute all directives supporting your marketing goals. We approach your request with a creative mindset to not only find the most cost-effective solution, but to also find out-of-the-box solutions that increase awareness and create differentiation.
Whether your products come from across town or across the world, your IRIS experience will be seamlessly simple.
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Businesses depend on print and related media for their success. The Internet has changed how businesses communicate with their customers, but print will always be a tactile solution in an overall marketing plan.
  • Short-run digital printing or offset printing
  • Large format & specialty printing
  • Personalization/customization solutions
  • Bindery & post-press processes
  • Flexo printing
  • Retail signage
  • Ceiling danglers
  • Tradeshow and hanging banners
  • Decals & window clings
  • Mail services
IRIS provides the kind of logistical support that ensures every print project accomplishes your marketing goals. From one-off, customized brochures to 100,000 annual reports, we have the knowledge and capabilities your project requires.
From small-quantity print-on-demand items to large-scale catalogs, consider IRIS your print procurement partner. Need a few custom notepads for your sales team? We can do that. Have 100,000 catalogs you need to mail? We can take care of both the printing and the mail services.
IRIS will work with you to determine the best production methods. We will help develop final size, paper selection, ink specifications, and finishing processes. Our team works closely with designers to understand their creative goals and recommend production protocols that will enhance the overall appearance of your finished piece.
We provide quality print services and support by leveraging our partnership with trusted print providers. We know the best processes, technologies, and vendors for each unique project. So with just one phone call to IRIS, you’re accessing an entire network of printers and unbiased direction on the best solution for your project.
We understand budget constraints and turn times, and we’ll work with you to not only address existing problems, but anticipate potential issues as well. The result? A more effective product in less time, with less hassle.
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Once you’ve produced your project, you may think, “Now what?” IRIS can help you take that last step of getting your message into the hands of customers, prospects, or your dealer network. Our logistics team is experienced in everything from simple warehousing and “pick & pack” to more complex fulfillment and distribution.
For many clients, we maintain an inventory of items that are shipped as ordered. For others, we act as their fulfillment department by ordering print and ad specialty items, kitting and assembling, and then drop-shipping on a project basis. We tailor your inventory and fulfillment solution based on your individual needs.
The best collateral products won’t do much good if they don’t arrive to their intended audience on time. IRIS will work with you to determine your specific distribution needs and create plans that meet those criteria. Whether it’s bulk distribution to a neighboring state or a multi-version drop-ship to individual addresses, we have the experience to get it there in the most cost-effective manner. Our Midwest location allows us to provide you with timely, cost-saving distribution.
IRIS’s online ordering/inventory system, within GearBox™, creates a direct customer-to-distribution transfer of information. When the customer goes onto their website and orders an item, it’s a real-time transfer into our distribution center. The order is sent to the warehouse floor where it is processed and order accuracy is verified.
The accuracy and effectiveness of our distribution system is industry-leading. All orders are digitally created, but are always quality checked not only for order accuracy, but product quality as well. Our effectiveness has resulted in some clients seeing a benefit in IRIS warehousing/distributing items that they themselves manufacture.
Beyond order processing, IRIS has the ability to fulfill your items however you require. Order fulfillment personnel can take your ideas and turn them into something as simple as collated information packs, or as complex as variable-data promotional kits with multiple items requiring custom packaging.
The powerful combination of our proven distribution center and fulfillment services gives you the flexibility to have stocked items that are drop-shipped the same day an order is placed, or one-off custom kits produced on demand. You have the flexibility and peace of mind knowing that your product will be distributed effectively and accurately.
Clients tell us they appreciate how our logistics team saves them time while providing accuracy, coordination and attention to detail. So whether it’s print, promotional items, or a combination – we can receive, manage, kit or assemble, and distribute in either an inventory or an on-demand environment.
Can you instantly identify hiccups in your company’s procurement chain?
IRIS makes marketing on a large scale simple. Launch national campaigns on a local level, manage co-op dollars and vendor efficiency, or receive real-time reporting with the click of a button. Our suite of online solutions provides a deeper understanding into your business and therefore better return on each and every transaction.
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GearBox™ is designed to complement your existing CRM tools and customer data. As a PRM tool, GearBox™ improves the efficiency of internal operations by seamlessly integrating partners, ultimately satisfying the needs and interests of the end consumer. GearBox™ provides effective customer life cycle management by taking promotions into the market more efficiently.
  • Complements existing CRM systems
  • More than a PRM platform
  • Seamless integration
  • Improves execution efficiency
  • Measures performance and results
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GearBox™ offers a fully integrated co-op management system designed to support advertising and marketing programs at all levels. National programs are easily distributed to the local level with assurance of consistency of brand and maximum effectiveness of spend. Co-op funds can be allocated per user, group or company wide. Reporting tools give a real-time snap shot of the overall co-op liability and feedback on participation.
  • Allocate funds or set limits per user, group and/or company wide.
  • View overall system co-op liability in real time.
  • Measure and track usage and effectiveness of Co-op spend.
  • Track ROI per store, group, salesman, or company wide.
  • Automate money management by fund type.
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In today’s “I want it now” world, flexibility and rapid responses are essential.
GearBox™'s vendor management ability provides real-time data feedback including inventory levels, order tracking and direct interface with vendors using separate vendor portals. This ensures actionable information is available when you need it. Customizable vendor scorecards can alert you when vendor performance suffers or needs attention. Changing vendors is quick, easy and seamless. Just click, snip, and drop in the new information. Reporting tools can be set up at any desired level of detail with access based on organizational hierarchy. All of this provides powerful oversight and management of vendor activities and real competitive advantage in serving the customer.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools - receive real-time feedback.
  • Separate vendor portal – vary degree of automation/integration depending on your needs.
  • Customizable vendor scoreboard for performance measures.
  • Best practices identification – flexible reporting allows quick identification of best practices by outlet or region; salesman or team; product or group; zip code or region, channel or vertical; or customize to your liking.
  • Set up multiple vendors per item to ensure availability.
  • Inventory categories can accept company owned and outside party owned goods.
  • Change vendors easily and seamlessly if performance or other conditions warrant.
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GearBox™ engages comprehensive, real-time reporting capabilities providing critical insights throughout the value chain. Reports are customizable–any level of detail and access can be limited based on hierarchy as needed. Both GearBox™ users and their vendors can benefit, helping drive maximum cost out of the supply chain.
For users, visibility can be based on organizational needs with any level of detail available at national, regional, local or cost center levels. Management can see what is going right or wrong, where investments are paying, and adjust game plans accordingly. All of this leads to more accurate assessment of ROI and better allocation of marketing funds.
  • Perpetual inventory system controls quantities, economic order quantities, outage/shortage alert and vendor performance.
  • Manage customer expectations with expected ship dates, shipping tracking and shipping notifications.
  • Reduce waste through smarter order quantities with increased visibility into marketing material inventory.
  • Customize approval processes to ensure marketing and co-op funds are being used appropriately.
  • Accurately project both monthly accruals and vendor invoice totals.
  • Readily view outstanding co-op and rebate liability and approvals pending vs. completed transactions.
For vendors, access to customers’ GearBox™ provides valuable information to help improve their customer service, drive costs out of the supply chain and add value by monitoring and improving performance. Information reporting is customizable and flexible to accommodate each vendor’s needs.
  • Customize the hierarchy to limit or allow access to information as needed.
  • Alerts help you stay informed of customer’s needs and be proactive to support.
  • Minimum orders, discount matrixes, freight allowances, lead times, and specials help automate transactions and provide customers complete detail of “all-in” costs.
  • Project outages and time-frames for re-orders with in-depth trend information.
  • Access all the information needed to execute an ambitious VMI program, like current values of vendor-owned inventory, performance metrics and alerts.
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Contact us today and find out how IRIS can help you more effectively manage, deliver and measure your company’s marketing efforts.
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Keep a close eye on this space for important IRIS news updates on our process, new features and an insider’s look at the day-to-day operation of IRIS. We’re hard at work on exciting new projects and are ready to share the fruits of our labor.




Connect corporate, vendors, and partners through an easy online portal.


Maintain consistency throughout all your marketing arms and manage digital assets online.


Turnkey solutions with personalized support on every project.




Sourcing, fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution for all your marketing materials.


Users have the ability to create/edit marketing materials to fit ’local’ needs.


Automation reduces time spent sourcing as well as increases effectiveness of your supply chains.




See inventory, stock changes, and chain inefficiencies in real time.


Quantify marketing campaigns and identify execution inefficiencies.


Change vendors with the click of a button.