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What is GearBox®?

GearBox® boosts your ROI by helping you automate and simplify marketing and procurement decisions for your franchisees, distributors, dealers and sales affiliates. It delivers brand-approved solutions that meet local requirements while giving you complete transparency and killer intel to make informed decisions.

Why GearBox®?

You’re always pressured to do more with fewer resources and less time. You need support systems that are streamlined and easy to manage.
That’s what GearBox® delivers.

Vendor Agnostic

You are in the driver’s seat. Select and change vendors instantly via one interface.

Converge Online Designer

Take global brand initiatives to the local level while monitoring all user activities.

Co-Op & Budget Management

Manage all aspects of your co-op and MDF environments with easy procurement and payment options.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time reports that help you analyze and make proactive decisions that affect ROI.

Industry Examples

(Choose your industry to see which GearBox modules apply)

System Analytics
Report on activities in real-time
Custom User Groups
Manage privileges & product visibility
Bring offline activities online
User Hierarchy
Structure for visibility & process
Co-Op / MDF
Manage funding for your channel partners
Menu Engineering
Enforce branding & design standards
Vendor Management
Engage all support Vendors into a single interface
Manage copy in real time
Converge Local Marketing
Build materials easily
Sales Tax
Manage sales tax for users
Create interactive forms in a jiff
Resource Library
Customize asset management

Core features of GearBox®


Bring all your systems into a single, intuitive interface with total control over user permissions and activities.


GearBox® creates an environment of complete transparency and accountability throughout your channel network..


With more than 14 years of experience, both small, entry-level clients and Fortune 50 corporations trust and rely on GearBox®.


GearBox® is mobile responsive, so it transitions easily from desktop to tablet and smartphone.

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