Global-to-Local Marketing

A Marketing Team in the Palm of Your Hand

Converge®, our proprietary tool, helps you create approved global assets, instantly available to those who need them.

From the GearBox® platform you can manage all the moving parts of your programs and track multiple campaigns from planning to completion and report real-time outcomes in order to measure success.

Successful campaigns are made possible when functional teams are aligned. The IRIS GearBox® platform is a customizable one-stop marketing logistics platform that integrates with your internal systems and allows functional leaders from sales and service, finance, procurement and marketing to work together seamlessly and transparently.
Global-to-Local Marketing Tools
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Create a unique library for each unique user group. Control which assets users can see and deploy.
Insights &
Real-time tracking of all system activities to help you make informed, confident business decisions.
Converge™ Real-Time Information Integration
Easily integrate with other internal applications such as Adobe DAM, BDX feeds and others.
Converge™ Local Customization & Menu Creation
Take the hassle out of managing local menu engineering while creating real-time access.
Coupon Builder
Create custom coupon libraries with complete corporate control of options offered and ROI reporting.
Coordinate multiple components and vendors, and deliver a streamlined user experience.

GearBox is a marketing automation solution that allows you to maximize the power and capacity of your channel partner network.

At IRIS, our through-channel marketing automation platform allows you to create scalable marketing campaigns while ensuring that each maintains a consistent brand look and message. Our proprietary Converge™ tool adapts to your requirements and delivers a solution that equips and empowers your partners – wherever they might be located – to create approved marketing pieces and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Create any marketing piece from traditional brochures and flyers to the latest digital promotional tools and social media engagements - all while having confidence that your brand standards will stay intact. With IRIS Converge™ you can rest assured that your approved global assets and marketing resources are instantly available to the people who need them most.