Channel Partner Support

Bringing all the Pieces Together for a Perfect 'Fit'

Channel Partners are successful when functional teams are aligned.

Enhance Your Channel Partnerships with GearBox®

Your channel partners have well-established local market relationships. These connections make them essential to the successful launch of new products and services, and the deployment of marketing programs and sales promotions.  By utilizing the IRIS Gearbox® you’ll be equipped to offer your channel partners a range of tools that will boost engagement, and measure it.

With Gearbox®,  your channel partnerships will drive impact. You’ll enjoy increased visibility to their engagement and results, which will equip you to better plan, overcome headwinds and win together.
Channel Partner Support Tools
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Procurement &
Vendor Management
GearBox® is a vendor agnostic solution that manages all aspects of your supply chain.
Track all orders placed real-time within integrated tracking solutions and automated delivery notifications.
Create a unique library for each unique user group. Control which assets users can see and deploy.
Insights &
Real-time tracking of all system activities to help you make informed, confident business decisions.
Customizable reporting structure that enables approvals to quickly flow to the appropriate business owners.
Integrated Co-Op & MDF Fund Management
Boost channel partnership by managing all aspects of your co-op programs and customize spending by categories.
Manage all aspects of your payment needs including funding, credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Channel Partners are successful when functional teams are aligned.

The IRIS GearBox platform is a customizable one-stop marketing logistics platform that integrates with your internal systems and allows functional leaders from sales and service, finance, procurement and marketing to work together seamlessly to ensure your partners are effective.

By utilizing the IRIS GearBox® platform, you can provide them with an easy-to-use, single solution for all aspects of their procurement and marketing activities. Our clients tell us GearBox® becomes the go-to place for users to get the support and resources they need, and get the most up-to-date information from corporate. Send targeted messages to specific groups of portal users, so you can focus on a specific region, locale or budget holder.

With the GearBox platform, you can manage all the moving parts of even the most complex to-market strategy by tracking multiple campaigns from planning to completion and report real-time outcomes in order to measure success.