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Scaling Your Marketing Strategy with Confidence

A common problem for marketers tasked with increasing brand awareness is ensuring brand consistency across platforms, markets and different channel partners. This can be particularly challenging when campaigns involve a range of stakeholders in different channels or regions. By utilizing a marketing automation platform can help you deliver brand consistency in global-to-local marketing campaigns.


At IRIS, our clients benefit from our Gearbox® platform, a powerful tool that simplifies the creation and distribution of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It enables marketing leaders to create templates for emails, social media posts, landing pages, and other marketing materials that can be easily adapted in local markets by your channel partners. With Gearbox, you can equip your partners with the customizable tools they need to reach their target audience, and have confidence that your brand stays intact.


Other key benefits of using a marketing automation platform:

The ability to centralize marketing assets and resources. Gearbox makes it easier for marketers to access the latest brand guidelines, logos and other assets that are critical for maintaining consistency. By using a centralized platform, businesses can ensure that all marketing materials comply with the latest brand standards, regardless of who is creating them.

The ability to streamline workflows and approvals. With the platform, marketing teams can collaborate more effectively, with features like commenting, version control, and task assignments. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Detailed analytics and reporting. The ability to easily track campaign performance and optimize their marketing efforts is more important now than ever before. With insights into engagement rates, click-through rates, and other metrics, marketers can fine-tune their campaigns to improve results and maximize ROI.


Gearbox marketing automation platform will help you maintain brand consistency across campaigns, partners and regions. By centralizing marketing assets, streamlining workflows and providing detailed analytics, the platform makes it easier for every marketer to create and distribute campaigns that resonate with local audiences while maintaining brand consistency.

Let IRIS streamline your marketing efforts and achieve greater brand awareness. Request a demo.

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