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Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Channel marketing is an essential strategy for marketers across industries such as manufacturing, retail or real estate, who rely on dealers and distributors to reach new customers and increase their market share. However, managing multiple partners and their respective marketing efforts can be challenging, especially for large, matrixed organizations. That's where a marketing automation platform, like Gearbox® from IRIS, can help to drive efficiency and consistency. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of using IRIS Gearbox to support your channel marketing partners.


Here are the Top 5 benefits of using a marketing automation platform.


1.      Improved Communication. IRIS Gearbox allows you to communicate with your partners more efficiently. You can share marketing materials, content and other resources with your partners through a centralized platform. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


2.      Simplified Campaign Management. Managing multiple campaigns across different partners can be time-consuming and complicated. IRIS Gearbox simplifies this process by allowing you to manage all your campaigns from a single platform. You can create, schedule and track campaigns for all your partners in one place.


3.      Enhanced Partner Engagement. IRIS Gearbox makes it easier for your partners to engage with your brand. They can access marketing materials and campaign assets on-demand, which reduces the time and effort required to get started with marketing efforts.


4.      Increased Sales. By supporting your channel partners with marketing automation, you can help them generate more leads and sales. IRIS Gearbox can provide your partners with the tools they need to create effective marketing campaigns, which can drive more traffic to your website and ultimately result in more sales.


5.      Improved Partner Performance Tracking. IRIS Gearbox allows you to track your partner's marketing performance. You can monitor the success of campaigns and track the ROI of your marketing investment, which helps you optimize your strategies and improve overall performance.


In short, using a marketing automation platform like IRIS Gearbox can improve your channel marketing efforts by improving communication, simplifying campaign management, enhancing partner engagement, increasing sales and improving partner performance tracking.

Heard enough? We’d love to talk with you about how IRIS can help you achieve better results and increase your market share. Schedule a call.

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