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Co-Op Dollars Are Free Money for Channel Partners, (So Why Do They Go Unused?)

We don’t have to convince you that channel partners are essential to the success of your business. Or that they play a crucial role in promoting and distributing your products and services to customers, and they provide you with unique insights into local markets and customer preferences. Offering those partners co-op funds is a common practice and doing so can create a win-win situation for both parties. By extending co-op funds, you incentivize your channel partners to promote and sell your products or services and provide financial support for activities like advertising, promotions and events that help drive revenue.

With that said, isn’t it surprising when these funds go unused?  In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why channel partners are not using their co-op funds and how a marketing automation platform can help them invest their marketing dollars and grow their business.


3 Reasons Why Channel Partners Aren't Using Co-op Funds

·        Lack of Awareness: One of the primary reasons channel partners don’t use their co-op funds is that they are unaware of the program or unsure of how to access them. This lack of awareness can be due to a lack of communication, or the information may not be readily available to them.

·        Complexity of the Process: The process of accessing and utilizing co-op funds is sometimes complicated or time-consuming. Partners may need to submit claims and provide proof of compliance, which can be overwhelming for a small business owner who wears several hats. The complexity of the process can be an obstacle.

·        Limited Funds: Another reason why channel partners are not using their co-op funds is that the funds may be limited or not enough to cover their marketing expenses. Therefore, partners may be hesitant to use the funds if they believe they’ll have to cover additional costs.


How a Marketing Automation Platform Can Help Channel Partners Utilize Co-op Funds

By providing a marketing automation tool like the IRIS Gearbox® platform you will enable your channel partners to utilize their co-op funds effectively by simplifying the exchange of information, streamlining tracking and providing them with the tools and resources they need to invest their marketing dollars wisely. Here are a few ways that a marketing automation platform helps:

- Streamlined Process: A marketing automation platform will simplify the process of accessing and utilizing co-op funds. The platform provides partners with a centralized location to access the information and resources they need to submit claims, provide proof of compliance and manage their funds.

- Customizable Campaigns: A marketing automation platform will provide partners with customizable marketing campaigns that align with their business goals and target customers' specific needs. The campaigns can be designed to maximize the impact of the co-op funds and increase revenue.

- Real-Time Analytics: A marketing automation platform will provide your partners with real-time analytics that track the performance of their marketing campaigns. The analytics will your partners optimize their campaigns, ensure compliance with the co-op program's guidelines and ultimately increase ROI .


Co-op funds are a valuable asset for channel partners. By providing them with a platform like Gearbox, you’ll enable them to take full advantage of their co-op funds, create branded, customizable campaigns and track results in real-time. Your investment in marketing automation platform, can help your channel partners maximize their marketing dollars and drive revenue.

Let us show you the power of Gearbox.

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